Thursday, September 11, 2008


You see, this is why the Rover is the Rover and I'm merely left in Bay Ridge: I stopped by the Starbucks on 85th several times last week with my daughter as we made our way to the playground. I asked when the would be closing and I was told "sometime in May."

The Rover stops by and he's told the real scoop: the end of this month.

Now that school is back, the Starbucks on 75th is overrun with school kids everyday after the final school bell. I can't wait to see what it'll be like once the 85th street Starbucks shutters.

And overheard at the Starbucks on 75th this morning:
"Once a priest lies to you, you're done."
How very true.

(Photo courtesy: my breakfast table)


Col. Samuel Trautman said...

better bring a good supply of body bags, soldier.

John J. Rambo said...

We were in this bar in Saigon and this kid comes up, this kid carrying a shoe-shine box. And he says "Shine, please, shine!" I said no. He kept askin', yeah, and Joey said "Yeah." And I went to get a couple of beers, and the box was wired, and he opened up the box, fucking blew his body all over the place. And he's laying there, he's fucking screaming. There's pieces of him all over me, just... (Takes off his bandolier) like this, and I'm tryin' to pull him off, you know, my friend that's all over me! I've got blood and everything and I'm tryin' to hold him together! I'm puttin'... the guy's fuckin' insides keep coming out! And nobody would help! Nobody would help! He's saying, sayin' "I wanna go home! I wanna go home!" He keeps calling my name! "I wanna go home, Johnny! I wanna drive my Chevy!" I said "Why? I can't find your fuckin' legs! I can't find your legs!"