Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Time may not be on the side of the Committee to Save the Green Church, but if all goes well they'll soon have a time capsule.

According to my blind soothsayer source, a capsule is buried somewhere in or under the Methodist church. It contains an early history of the congregation and pictures of the original 1830 church, the second church on Stewart Avenue and the current-soon-to-be-pulverized church.

Reverend Emerick and the church's board of trustees had no idea it existed until just recently. Will they look extra hard for it? I hope so. I'm sure the congregation, the community, and local historic society's would all love to see what was buried so many years ago.

The church may not be able to be saved, but we have a chance to give life to the people who buried the time capsule. I've always felt that unearthing a time capsule gives immortality to the people who took the time to bury it.

UPDATE: The Brooklyn Paper has a more in depth article about the time caspule.

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