Monday, November 10, 2008


You gotta hand it to Still President Bush. The man doesn't give up.

It was announced today that Bush has just become the
most unpopular president since approval ratings were first sought more than six decades ago.
76% of Americans disapprove of w. 76%!
No other president's disapproval rating has gone higher than 70 percent. Bush has managed to do that three times so far this year.
Congratulations, wanker. You've carved out quite the legacy. Mission accomplished.


The Phantom said...


The election's over. And this goes under the category of kicking someone when he's down

Hi from Israel

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen.. yet another boring post by the boring blogger, Left in Bay Ridge.

Dude. get over it already. If you are going to post about Bush's low approval ratings, why dont you post about the ratings for the DEMOCRAT controlled congress ratings.. where are they? In the 20s.. thats right... 20s.

I'm sensing that you were abused in highschool and have resorted to being a weasel due to it.

I know, I know.. "If you dont like my blog, then don't read it. My mommy said I can write whatever stuff I want on my blog. "

I've heard it before. But, without people like me to keep you in check, this whole blogosphere would run wild.

Lets see what baby-ish comeback you have to this.

Do you acknowledge the low congressional ratings? Or are you going to ignore that like you ignore anything thats true, but embarrassing towards the democrats.

Mark said...

True, but I couldn't resist. His reckless and egotistical reign deserved one more kick.

Could you pick up some guilt for me from Israel?

Mark said...

And another cowardly comment hurled from behind the wall of anonymity. How brave and fearless to post juvenile and derisive comments while never revealing your identity. But remaining incognito means not having to worry about responsibility or accountability. Heaven forbid we know who you are. Because if we did, then suddenly you'd have responsibility thrust upon you. But remaining anonymous allows you the ability to say whatever you like and still walk the streets with whatever character and status you believe you have attained.

Perhaps I know you. Perhaps I don't. If I do know you, then you're a gutless charlatan. But either way, writing comments like you do without revealing your identity is the coward's way.

As I've said before, people like Rob Lenihan aren't afraid to say what they believe and aren't afraid that people know who they are. You may not agree with what he says but at least he's completely upfront about who he is and how he feels.

But're just an egotistical coward.

As for Congress, oh yes, their approval rating is in the crapper. Part of the reason is because not all of the Democrats have stepped up to the plate. Another reason, as I'm sure your U.S. Government for Dummies book will tell you, is that although they've had a majority, the Democrats didn't have enough seats to prevent Republicans from filibustering and preventing legislation from being voted on. In fact, the "Republicans launched nearly 100 filibusters in the last two years, reducing the Senate to a state of paralysis.It will be interesting to see if the Democrats can push through legislation now.

And thank you for the Most Boring Blog award. I've worked very hard at it.

Anonymous said...

wait.. i fell asleep while I was reading your response..

what was that again?

Mark said...

Kudos for your babyish, ignoring anything that's true, respond with a silly comment when anyone points out obvious flaws, kettle-black response.

Once again your razor-like wit has cut me to the core. What would the blogosphere do without you?

Keep up the good work, Masked Avenger.

Masked Avenger said...

Say what you want about me, but your post and your site is still boring.

Mark said...

Are still boring. Not is still boring. Are still boring.

Rob K said...

Another mention! Thanks, Lefty. This was a great post about the plague human in form known as George Bush.

And your blog ain't boring.

Mark said...

Rob, I like to mention you and Melisa Christian every so often.

Masked Avenger said...

The masked avenger strikes again..

I hate to break up your little tea party, but your site is boring.

Once in a blue moon you come up with an interesting post, but even the sun shines on a dogs ass every once in a while.

Your political posts are the same reguritation of anti-Bush nonsense.

Now.. for the record, I agree that Bush is one of the worst presidents ever. But, I'm not concerned with your posts against Bush. God Bless America that you can do that. But, your posts have no real insight. You sound like a pimpled face college kid who just took his first political science class and now thinks he belongs on Meet the Press.

If you are going to do something, then do it good. If not.. go work at Rite Aid. You provide no more analysis, insight or any other useful information than Perez Hilton.

You have 20 posts about the same thing BUSH IS BAD, OBAMA IS GOOD. Ok.. I get it.. lets get deeper into the discussion. I learn more watching Nancy Grace than I do from your website.

If you want to play the politics game, lets have a real discussion of issues. Borders. Security. Economics. Education. Welfare. Affirmative Action. Illegal Immigration. Gay Marriage.

Well, then why do you read my blog?? Its mine and I can do what I want on it.

Good question, Pinko. Its because you do occasionaly have a good post about Bay Ridge, a neighborhood that I was born and raised in and love.

Jamie B. said...

Masked Avenger, how about starting your own blog then and stating the virtues of the place you love in your own words, rather than criticising someone else who just happens to write about what he loves? Learn some manners and get a life, please.