Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sheesh, I'm late to my own party. Two days ago Left in Bay Ridge celebrated its one year anniversary. What started as a lark to keep me occupied has grown into a full-fledged whim that still keeps me occupied.

While I'm no Rover with his 100,000 hits, I would like to thank the one person who has visited Left in Bay Ridge 50,694 times.

And especially, thank you Melisa Christian.


Rob K said...


WIBR said...

Congrats on the year-mark, Mark.

Has Obama sent you a letter of recognition yet?

Mark said...

Thanks. And yes, he sent me an autographed picture of Bill Ayers.

I'll be at my office tomorrow if you want to stop by.

Mark said...

Thanks Rob.

The Bay Ridge Rover said...

Happy Anniversary, Lefty!

Don't look a day over 50,600