Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night we celebrated an historic moment in American history...but not in Ralph Nader's America.

On a night when we celebrated the first African-American elected to the highest office in our country, Ralph Nader clung to the past by publicly pondering whether Obama
"is going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country, or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations."
Mr. Nader was given several opportunities to change his wording. You know, maybe not use the term "uncle Tom." But ol' Bitter Nader would have none of it. "Uncle Tom" it would be.

In ol' Bitter Nader's defense, he probably worked a long time on the whole "Uncle Sam/Uncle Tom" word play and he wasn't about to give it up so easily. But I am disappointed he didn't have a witty backup. He could have used -
"is going to be a Master for the people of this country, or a slave to the giant corporations."
Although that may have been too subtle for ol' Ralph Bigoty. He could have used -
"is going to step up for the people of this country, or step and fetch it for the giant corporations."
Or even -
"is going to be Rambo for the people of this country, or Sambo for the giant corporations."
I mean, come on Ralph! If you're going to be a racist, come out with all guns a blazing.

So on a night when we all celebrated an historic event, Ralph Nader did a lot of Jim Crowing. Thanks Ralph. Real classy.

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