Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What a night! What an amazing night. An historic night. America reclaimed herself last night and sent a message to the world that no longer will we be business as usual. It truly was a defining moment in history.

I'd like to thank the man responsible for such the historic moment...George W. Bush.

Without W, last night wouldn't have happened. In the last 8 years, under W's watch, we've entered into 2 wars, we've experienced the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression, our country's image has been severely tarnished, we have escalating costs in health care, W and his cronies ignored the scientific reality of climate change, they stood idly by while thousands of Americans lost everything during Hurricane Katrina, they failed to properly fund our education system, and we have a record deficit. My god, I could go on and on.

It's fairly unanimous that W's legacy is a profound disaster.

But without W, last night wouldn't have happened. We wouldn't have seen Americans vote in record numbers. The official tally isn't in, but it could be the largest turnout in US history. We wouldn't have seen so many Americans determined to get our country back on the right track. (Nearly 81% of Americans think we've careened off the right track) We wouldn't have seen so many Americans determined to seize back our country.

The excitement yesterday was amazing. Never in my life have I seen such enthusiasm about an election. There were signs all over the Ridge reminding people to vote. Most signs didn't say to vote one way or the other, but simply to vote. To take action. To be involved. To once again be united.

So W, thank you. You finally were a uniter.

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