Thursday, January 29, 2009


If anyone is looking for an apartment, a friend of mine is renting a one-bedroom in Greenpoint.

She's asking for $2200/month, utilities not included. It's really a gorgeous condo unit. She just installed a Bosch washer and dryer. It's brand spanking new with a jacuzzi, 14 ft ceiling, terrace and sunlight for days.

Click here for the link.

And if you contact my friend directly you won't pay any broker's fees.

Her email is:


Masked Avenger said...

Do you have to be an Obama/Iran/Socialist supporter to rent the place?

Anonymous said...

As long as you pay the rent on time, you can be anything you like—but no serial killers please...too messy and noisy if you take your work home with you.

Remember: if you contact me directly, you forgo on the broker fee!

Thanks for looking!