Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Out with KB Toys. In with Fabco Shoes.

I was working out today at the 86th St. NYSC and watched them put up the banner announcing the arrival of Fabco Shoes.

Self-proclaimed as the #1 Family Shoe Chain in NY/NJ, Fabco will be moving in right next to the Nine West Outlet.

If Fabco's shoes are as fabulous as their fancy website, Fabco will soon be Outco.


Anonymous said...

Hey, and "sigh" - at least it fills a gap.

Now what'll fill the gaps left by other closed stores on 86th - menswear store, a boutique, maternity store, Circuit City, former WaMu, and some others?

[And is anyone keeping track of the noticeable increase in store closings on 3rd Ave. and parts of 4th?]

Masked Avenger said...

By that analysis, you should be out of business pretty soon too.

Mark said...

One can only hope.