Wednesday, March 18, 2009


UPDATE: 8:20 pm. Natasha Richardson has died at the age of 45. It's so very very sad.

UPDATE: at 1:30 pm, Natasha was taken off life support.

UPDATE: 1:30 pm, NYC. TMZ is reporting that when Natasha was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital
she was "unconscious," her pupils "non-reactive," her skin was "pale" and she was suffering from "major head trauma."
More and more online sites are reporting that she is brain dead and the family will take her off life support.

UPDATE: 1:30 am, NYC. Rumors are swirling about Natasha's condition. From brain swelling, to brain dead, to dead. No one knows yet.

Natasha Richardson was critically injured in a skiing accident. She fell during a supervised lesson on a beginners run and suffered a brain injury. The Money Times is reporting that she was taken off life support and is dead. I hope it's not true. Natasha was a beautiful and talented woman. More to come.

The look on her mom's face as she enters the hospital isn't good.

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