Saturday, December 29, 2007


The results are in and a whopping 54% are here for Melisa Christian. 27% love the Newsreel while 18% think it clutters up the site. The votes for Melisa are a tad suspect as I've heard whispers there was shameless ballot stuffing in LA. I shall resist writing anything crude about "ballot stuffing" nor will I write "insert joke here" and I will certainly resist writing "insert joke here about 'insert joke.'" I shall not sully my love for Melisa by shoving in some old limp rib.


Right in Bay Ridge said...

Love the poll section.

Please get people to vote on mine!

The Ramster said...

I was not aware of the pole, because iaonly come to the site when google alert for melisa sends me.

Jeff said...

I deny any ballot stuffing. Actually I deny denying any ballot stuffing. I had nothing to do with any ballot stuffing. And if I did, I certainly didn't do it in LA.