Saturday, February 9, 2008


Wow. Do you think Americans want to change the direction of this country? Barack Obama was expected to win the three primaries today but not by as much as he did. He trounced Hillary getting 68% in Washington, 68% in Nebraska, and (with 81% reporting) 55% in Louisiana.

And Short Fuse McCain suffered an embarrassing loss in Kansas as Huckelberry nabbed 60% of the votes. In fact, Huckelberry is leading in Louisiana and Washington. Could Republicans be sending a message to the Short Fuse?

If America wants a new direction (and all polls say we do) then it could be Oh-Mama and Huckelberry in the battle for the White House. Hillary may seem as too old Washington and the Short Fuse will just be too much of what we've had for 8 long years. And for the love of god, please don't give us 8 more years of the same thing.


Anonymous said...

The McChurian Candidate is scary. He says we'll be in Iraq for at least 100 years and giggles at the same time!

He wants pre-emptive NUCLEAR strikes against Iran, but he's against water boarding because it is immoral.

He's about as loony as a Canadian Dollar!

Bay Ridge for Ron Paul said...

Vote Ron Paul!!!

Rob K said...

Damn straight. McCain will go to war at the drop of a helmet. We cannot have this freak in the White House.