Monday, March 24, 2008


I came to the Green Church Should It Stay or Should It Go Ball late and may have to leave before the dance is over.

I knew both the Preservationists and Rev. Emerick and the Congregation weren't getting along but I had no idea how bad it was.

I posted a great article (heavily slanted towards the Preservationists and condemning Rev. Emerick and the congregation) by Shavana Abruzzo about the fate of the Methodist Church and an equally great comment (equally as heavy condemning the Preservationists) from an anonymous writer.

The inevitable destruction of the church is sad to me. I think it's a beautiful work of architecture and would love to see it stand for another 108 years. (And God knows I'd like to be standing for another 108 years).

But what's sadder is how the fate of the church has become a divisive issue in my new community (we've lived here for a year). The two sides show no signs of being able to come together and talk about the issues at stake. (It also saddens me that there are two sides and not one community dealing with the issues).

And really, can you blame either side? Both have hurled insults at the other while firmly believing they are in the right.

But what is right for the community?

Maybe tearing it down is ultimately better for the community. The church could use the money to continue its outreach programs. (Maybe it's because I'm new here, but I haven't heard anything about what the church does for the community. And I mean details.)

Maybe preserving the church is the right decision. It could be turned into a community center or housing for senior citizens while the church earns revenue. (But I have yet to hear the real details on the offer Councilman Vincent Gentile and Con Ed made to this end)

Sadly I don't think we'll ever know what would be best for Bay Ridge since the community has been unable to come together on this hotly and fiercely debated topic. Both sides can blame the other for not coming together, but in the end we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Whatever the eventual fate of the church will be, hopefully we'll all learn from this Clash and not let a community be divided in the future.


Anonymous said...

awesome post, Lefty!

Anonymous said...


According to 'KIP,' the Committee to Save the Green Church lacks the 'sophisticated resources' necessary to make an intelligent argument past 'needing' to save the church.

read more here

Mark said...

Although the 2 grads from Pratt sounds intriguing. KIP, which school did they graduate from?