Tuesday, March 18, 2008


That does it. I'm running for Governor of NY State. Why? Because Governors of NY get more action in the bed than anyone I know.

First Spitzer and his Girls Gone Wild Ho, and then the new Governor, David Paterson
acknowledged yesterday that he has had affairs with "a number of women" in the past.
A number of women!? And he hasn't even been in office more than 48 hours!!

And in a move to challenge the McSkeevey's from NJ, Paterson's wife revealed she also has had affairs.

I had no takers and no action in bed when I offered to help our country's undersexed ranking. So, Albany, here I come!


The Phantom said...

yes I can

Mark said...

Thanks, Phantom. You can be my Secretary of Date Scheduling.

Anonymous said...

Can I be your official taster? Please, please please...!

Mark said...

Official Taster, yes. Official Slurper, No.

UJ said...

When you come to Albany you can maybe run with some of us so you can potentially keep up with Melisa someday! See you in Boston for the trials and the marathon.