Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Dolly Parton was the featured songwriter last night on American Idol. Don't get me wrong, I love Dolly Parton. I think she's a genuinely sweet woman and a terrific songwriter. But for the love of Moses, what was the deal with her face? And I'm not even talking about the multiple face lifts she's obviously had. I'm talking about her dunking her face in a vat of embalming makeup. My god, her foundation was "picket fence" white and her lipstick was "hemoglobin" red. And that was it. Just those two colors. Dolly, there are more colors on the palette. A little peach, a little plum. Something. Anything. You have a coat of many colors. Apply some of them to your face.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the face-change more than the makeup. Like many other celebs, she doesn't look like "herself" anymore -- especially with the great big new mouth and gigantic new teeth.
Older celebs seem to think that big teeth (not just nice or superwhite ones) make them look younger. But they end up looking like they're being held hostage by HUGE TEETH.
The Big Teeth also make some of them lisp, mumble, or do funny things w/their mouths. (All that $$ on implants & bridges, and they end up looking as if they have mis-made loose dentures!)
When Loretta Swit and Cher got really "big teeth," years back, it affected their speech so much that I thought they'd had mini-strokes.