Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In a surprise move, McDonald's Corp has purchased the Bay Ridge Methodist Church and will turn the church into a retirement home for their "high profile" employees. The Green Church, as it is known locally, will be renamed McGreen Acres.
"Bay Ridge is a wonderful community," said a McDonald's spokesman. "It's the perfect community for our aging HP employees."
Both Mayor McCheese and Uncle O'Grimacey are expected to move in when construction is completed in the spring of 2009.
"Grimace would have loved it here," said Uncle O'Grimacey.
Grimace, the beloved and well-meaning simpleton, was tragically killed in 2005 by The Happy Meal Gang over a $10 gambling debt. His body had been found at the Bay Ridge Gregory Hotel.


Anonymous said...

According to an email sent to McDonald's shareholders, the new location will be Halal.

Anonymous said...

You should lie down Mark... this warm interlude we're having has gone right to your head

This is what I think of about NY Brit said...

Two words:

Kill Joy

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...and I've got two words to say about that comment...

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