Saturday, April 26, 2008


I go away for one day and there's another death at the 'Gory Hotel??!!

According to the Brooklyn Eagle --
"Early Friday afternoon, the body of an unidentified Asian female was found at the hotel with a knife in her chest..."
A knife in her chest!? Oh man, you've got to be pretty strong to plunge a knife into someone's chest. Whoever killed her must have been --
"...and a suicide note."
Are you kidding me!? A suicide!? Yeah, nothing says "suicide" more than a knife plunged into your own chest. I jump around and howl if I get a paper cut. How is it that a woman can impale herself with a knife and not scream bloody murder?

Speaking of murder? Could it have been murder? Nope. Remember there was a suicide note. And if there's a suicide note, who can argue?

I mean, look at the John Rossi suicide. Rossi shot at himself and missed (when you're that close to yourself it's easy to miss), shot himself in the chest, and then when that didn't work, shot himself in the head. Some may say that's a tad suspicious, three shots and all, plus that little fact that he was going to be a key witness in a grand jury trial. But there was a suicide note.

Verdict: suicide.

But even if there isn't a suicide note, it's pretty obvious when a death is a suicide. Take Paul Mento, for instance. He checked into the Gory Hotel in February and placed duct tape over his mouth and nose. Obvious suicide. I mean, isn't that the most efficient way to commit suicide? And there's no way in hell a person is going to reach up and rip the tape off when he starts to choke.

This is the 3rd dead body in 6 months that has been found at the Gory hotel. And you know what that means? The Gory Hotel is officially the place to die in Bay Ridge.

Just don't plan on being buried at the Green Church.

The Rover also covers the events.

Voodoo Knife Holder pic courtesy Gizmodo.

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Anonymous said...

It's been a few days and no one is talking about this.

Why is there a media blackout?