Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Our own Matt Lysiak has written a fantastic article today in the Daily News
Preacher says he casts out demons from Bay Ridge hotel
As we all know, the Gregory Hotel - or Gory Hotel - has been the site of a recent murder and a few suspicious suicides.

The Gory Hotel is currently the meeting place for the nondenominational Calvary Praise and All You Can Eat Buffet Worship Center.

I love this quote
"Demons are real and very dangerous. I know because I've experienced it," said Michael Casale.
That's because you are a demon!

Look at this guy. He's got demon written all over him. He couldn't have used his non-demonic look for the picture? Man he's creepy.

Photo courtesy DeCrescenzo for News


Anonymous said...

Are the exorcisms related to all the deaths there?

When this guy exorcises legions from people, where do the demons go?

If they hang aroung the hotel, they might re-possess other people there, and maybe that is why there have been so many violent deaths there lately.

After all, didn't Casale start up the church at the Gregory location around the same time as David Diaz's death?

Anonymous said...

let's cool it.... things are being blown out of proportion... demons do exist and they can possess people. If any of you are catholic, this is also the teaching of the church and of the Bible. About this guy, I'm not sure what it's all about, but I would rather no demonize them... excuse the pun....

Bay Ridge Convert said...

And you wonder why the churches are empty?
All I know is if I had to sit through one of their sermons I would go up stairs and kill myself too.

Anonymous said...

How is it blowing things out of proportion to ask if exorcised demons can reside in a building awaiting weak souls to re-possess?

It is quite possible that the Gregory is now haunted with Legion.

Bay Ridge Convert said...

Brother if you belive that, I have a really nice bridge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Convert, if you really are an honest rationalist, you'd want to scientifically test all phenomena; including stuff you otherwise don't believe in.

To outright dismiss the possibility that the hotel is haunted by exorcised demons (which may be causing all these strange deaths there) goes against the objectivity of science and actually betrays your supposed principles.

Bay Ridge Convert said...

As a realist,I know that science and belief are mutually exclusive.
One is based on reproducible peer reviewed facts. The other is based on hearsay and superstition.
As to the betrayal of my principles, you can't possibly know what they are. Unless maybe you have been delving in the "Dark Arts".

Anonymous said...

The moon doesn't exist, either!

Anonymous said...

Here's some questions and answers about the moon hoax.

What evidence do we have that there really is a moon?

You can see it. But think about it – without the help of so-called "experts", how do you really know what you’re looking at? It could be a hologram, projected from various government installations throughout the world. It could be a large, crudely painted balloon, held in place by helium and propelled by tiny sails and rudders (which is why it moves across the sky so slowly). Or, most likely, it could have been different things at different times and different places, depending on the technology available to the conspirators and the culture and beliefs of the population being deceived.

The hoax could easily have been imposed on a gullible world at many points in human history. Perhaps it began as a collective hallucination or a religious myth, or perhaps an especially bright star that came to be exaggerated over time. However the moon story started, early proponents of the hoax were swift to recognize how it could be exploited for their benefit, and shrewdly devised a scheme to use it to their advantage.

They began to spread rumors, falsify scientific observations, and invent new gods to represent this fictional celestial body. They ingeniously concocted the idea of "cycles of the moon", and as their resources increased, were able to create the illusion that this object in the sky actually went through such changes. To make their hoax more plausible to early, superstitious societies, they arranged for these cycles to coincide with the months of the year.

Anonymous said...

The MoonLovers actually try to make us believe that the Earth's shadow covers the damn thing! Bullshit; they're just recharging projection batteries and doing upkeep on other equipment.

Bay Ridge Convert said...

Oh great,
Now the Lunatics are out too.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of blowing things out of propportion, why does guy look like a munchkin next to that woman?