Thursday, March 5, 2009


So I was driving back to the Ridge from Williamsburg today and passed a billboard for
Fascinated by the billboard, when I got home I went immediately to the website. It seems Smoke Anywhere is an electronic cigarette that truly let's me smoke anywhere. What's the 411 about these revolutionary electronic cigarettes? This is from their website -
Electronic Cigarette - defined by Wikipedia, as an e-cig, ecig, nicstic, electronic cigarette or electric cigarette which is has newly been termed as a mechatronic version of a cigarette. The New ECig – looks, feels and tastes like regular cigarettes and is available in a range of colors, nicotine strengths & flavors. What makes Electronic Cigarettes different from traditional smoking is the fact that they contain no tar, no harmful chemicals, no cancer causing agents and can be legally smoked in places where cigarette smoking is prohibited.
Fancy italics and bold mine.

Well, if it's defined by Wikipedia then it must be credible.

And contains no harmful chemicals and no cancer causing agents. Funny, I thought it mentioned nicotine. Hold on, let me read a bit more on their site. Oh okay, here are the ingredients -
Contains only water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates real cigarette flavor and a membrane to suspend the ingredients.
Nicotine? Why, I thought nicotine was bad. Let me read some more.
Nicotine itself is not believed to have toxicological effects, offers some therapeutic uses.
Wow. Who knew? Nicotine is safe. Hooray! Let me just cross reference with those dolts over at the American Heart Association.
Nicotine is an addictive drug. It causes changes in the brain that make people want to use it more and more. In addition, addictive drugs cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine addiction has historically been one of the hardest addictions to break.
That doesn't sound right.
The 1988 Surgeon General's Report, "Nicotine Addiction," concluded ~
  • Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are addicting.
  • Nicotine is the drug that causes addiction.
Oh what does the Surgeon General know!? What other pleasures can I get from Nicotine, which is not believed to have toxicological effects.
  • Nicotine causes a short-term increase in blood pressure.
  • It also causes the arteries to narrow.
  • The smoke includes carbon monoxide, which reduces the amount of oxygen the blood can carry.
Pish-posh. For the sake of argument, let's say nicotine is addictive. What do those idiots at the AHA say about withdrawal symptoms ~
  • irritability
  • impatience
  • hostility
  • anxiety
  • depressed mood
  • difficulty concentrating
  • restlessness
  • decreased heart rate
  • increased appetite or weight gain

Nicotine is not harmful. It says so on So go ahead. Light up an electronic cigarette.


Anonymous said...

Love the sarcasm. Sounds like they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anyway ... how is this an improvement over the Nicorette Inhaler smoke-stopper thing (plastic thingy with nicotine cartridge)?
The "Anywhere" thing also looks just as peculiar, costs more, involves hassle-ish equipment (recharger, etc.) ... and if this micro-niche company goes bust, buyers are burned (no pun intended), since the gear is useless without Anywhere cartridges.

Anonymous said...

Purchase a high end brand and do your homework. I have three of these things and I assure you the companies are going now where. They are not meant to help yo quit although some people have reported that it is easier to quit with this as an aid. I use mine more and more and am no longer smoking tobacco cigarettes. They may not be healthy but they sure as hell are better then the alternative. Do your own due diligence don't just take my word for it

Mark said...

I'm confused by your comment that the company is going "now where." Do you mean it's here to stay or not?

They claim nicotine is not harmful, which is a complete lie.

Anonymous said...

Only problem with what you said is that "The smoke includes carbon monoxide, which reduces the amount of oxygen the blood can carry."

That is for tobacco smoke. This is NOT tobacco. There is no carbon to burn, so no carbon monoxide could be there.

I'm not saying that it is good for you, but it is certainly more healthy and an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Darla said...

I can see how some one could stop smoking more easily with the E-cig. But once you get the initial cost out of the way you find it is a lot cheaper. There are a lot less carcinogens. Ya there is carbon dioxide when you exhale-with just normal breathing in and out no cig. or E-cig. In a regular cigarette there is more carbon monoxide than in the E-cig.
Passes all the clean air acts. May not have been through a lot of testing here, but has been in the UK for over 5 years and many other countries have tested it. What am I a little titty baby that can't make my own decisions...
The difference between this and the little plastic nicotine delivery system is the throat hit and the vapor you ex-hale. My husband don't smoke and he said it was less annoying than when I was smoking---so now I vapor and I feel better, breath easier. Feel like I have my freedom back, for now anyway till some busy body wants to tell me what is good or bad for me. Smoking {vaporing} is a decision I have made until I want to quit it should be my business since vaporing does not affect the people around me. Just as it is their business if some one chooses to drink.
If you choose not to, fine, But allow me the freedom this has given me

s-d-mace said...

just try to cancel this product!!!! how reputable could they be!! I've had to cancel my card because they don't answer their phone and won't respond to emails either.

Unknown said...

"s-d-mace"... I think you have them ( confused with Smoke Anywhere USA, Inc. from Flordia who owns & EZ-Smoker. They are two seperate companies. offers the free trial which is far from free. offers no trials, is a real & true up-front company that has excellent customer service, they ALWAYS respond to their customers, try

Anonymous said...

First off, uses other names as I have learned from searching about them. We found an ad of theirs on CNN and we bought from them. It has been a complete nightmare. As far as the product is concerned, it really does help you to try to quit smoking. But, there are many other companies you can use. DO NOT GO TO THESE GUYS. I'll spare my experience, but suffice it to say they have made me mad enough to contact the attorney general of S. Fl and the BBB and I'm finding as many places like this site to try and warn people about these guys.

Anonymous said...

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Jun said...

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esmoke said...

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Clarice Fullington said...

When my brother started using those fancy smoking alternatives, it made me glad at first. I thought that at least he's making progress in cutting his addiction completely. But you know, we're constantly innovating, so when the hands free vaporizers came out, I was quick to purchase one for my brother. Well, I'd really do anything to help my brother get over his cigarette dependence.

electronic cigarette said...

Nowadays electronic cigarette are a must have because they are safe and you can smoke them everywhere.

electronic cig said...

It cannot be smoked anywhere but you can definitely fight the No smoking zones since it's only a water vapor emitting smoke

ricette insalate said...

Love the sarcasm. Sounds like they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.