Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here's my Friday Starbucks roundup. And it ain't pretty:

Starbucks Raising Prices on Some Drinks

As if a $4.00 coffee wasn't high enough, Starbucks is raising the prices on some of its drinks, with the price changes are already taking effect in some markets.

Starbucks Workers Protest Rise in Health Premiums

And since Starbucks is raising prices on drinks, they decided to increase the amount that eligible employees need to contribute to keep their health care coverage.

And finally...

NYC Coffee Shops Pull Plug on Laptops

Kiss the marriage of Starbucks and working on the internet goodbye. Several New York coffee shops are plugging up their electrical outlets and asking laptop users to check their Facebook pages elsewhere. Café Grumpy in Brooklyn and Chelsea have outlawed laptops completely.

Hey, Cafe Grumpy, I am so not being your friend on Facebook.

Posted from my computer at Starbucks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Every now and then a love story comes along that warms my heart. Here's a beautiful "girl meets fairground ride, girl falls in love with fairground ride, girl marries fairground ride" story.

Amy Wolfe, a US church organist who claims to have objectum sexuality, a condition that makes sufferers attracted to inanimate objects, plans to marry a magic carpet fairground ride.

And it's wonderful that she "does not get jealous when other people ride it."

Now where will they go on their honeymoon?