Friday, March 14, 2008


Remember back in 2004 when that 30-second online commercial came out comparing Bush to Hitler? MoveOn.Org (our name is our address) denounced the spot, said it was in poor taste, and yanked it from their website.

The controversial spot used
a tape recording of the Nazi leader speaking while it showed images of Hitler and German military prowess during World War II. At the end of the ad, a photo of Bush raising his hand to take the oath of office is seen.

"A nation warped by lies. Lies fuel fear. Fear fuels aggression. Invasion. Occupation. What were war crimes in 1945 is foreign policy in 2003," the ad said.
Well Republicans were outraged. RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie said
"This is the worst and most vile form of political hate speech. Those are the kind of tactics we're seeing on the left today in support of these Democratic presidential candidates."
Gillespie called on all nine Democratic candidates to repudiate the ad.


Flash forward several years to, Oh, I don't know, let's guess who's comparing Hitler to a Presidential candidate? One guess.

FOX News.

I'm shocked.

My friend, the Brit, from the United Kingdom of Great Prattlers, (I say lovingly) has posted an amazing video from FOXATTACKS showing how FOX News is comparing Obama to Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

So where's Gillespie now?


Anonymous said...

Oi....! Less of the "lovingly" if you don't mind.

Fox eh? Really, you have to love 'em. They have female news folk who don't wear the pants, they have male news folk - or should that be volk in the case of the men? These guys are either completely dumb as posts, or they're out and out fascists. You decide.

Mark said...


The Phantom said...

Well that's all cute, but any comment on Obama sitting in the pews for twenty years listening to the racist preacher?

I worked in the World Trade Center, and lost dozens of friends there. A lot of people in Bay Ridge and Brooklyn were affected by 9/11. And now we see Pastor Jeremiah Wright' mocking, prancing reference to "chickens coming home to roost" made five short days after we were attacked, when the fires were still burning, when no Bay Ridge or Brooklyn resident could step out of doors without smelling the smoke from those fires?

That "Faux News" bullshit is played out. Maybe not in Park Slope, where a good slogan is never forgotten, but in most of America and certainly in Bay Ridge.

If McCain attended the services of a KKK preacher for 20 years, something would be made of it. Well, Obama sat in the pews listening to an inside out, nonviolent, KKK type preacher for 20 years and didn't say boo.

That is a legitimate issue, bro. It just is.

And I want to know if Obama was in that church on the Sunday after 9/11. A hundred Pulitzer Prizes to the reporter who confirms he was in the pews when that was said by "Psstor" Wright.

Mark said...


I agree that Obama's connection to the preacher is a huge problem and I certainly don't agree with the clips that have shown him mocking 9/11. I know it's serious. My brother worked in Tower 7 but didn't go into work that day because 9/11 is his birthday. He lost a lot of friends and co-workers. My brother was also in the '93 bombing so I know how serious it is.

I want the full story about the connection between the Pastor and Obama. It's a legitimate story and someone needs to get to the bottom of it. I agree. I'd like to see him denounce the Pastor's racist remarks. But calling Obama Hitler is not getting anywhere near the story and is completely uncalled for.

You can't denounce people for calling Bush "Hitler" and then turn around and call Obama "Hitler." You can't denounce name calling then turn around and call someone else names.

FOX News is trying to smear Obama's name. "He's only here because he's black," references to Chairman Mao and Hitler.

And in my book, FOX News will continue to be Faux News until they stop name calling and smearing and insinuating and actually get to the heart and facts of the stories.

Ed Gillespie was pissed off that in a video Bush was referred to as Hitler. But where is Gillespie now that FOX News is calling Obama Hitler?

You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Wait - what is it?

First I keep hearing that Obama is a Muslim.

Now I keep hearing that he belongs to a racist Black "Christian" congregation.

Will he be a Hare Krishna next week"?

Anonymous said...

Once again the Green Church Preservationists skew the matters at hand in an unfair and dishonest way.

In the latest post on thier blog run by KIP (who is impossible to get in touch with since she doesn't have any contact info on the site), KIP writes:

"word is that he has a new parsonage now. The congregation has reportedly bought Pastor Emerick a house on Mackay Street in Bay Ridge with the $500,000 down-payment from the sale of the Church property."

This is pure spin.

To say that a house was bought specifically for Emerick gives the wrong impression that he personally is making out on the deal. This is consistent with many of the Preservationists' smear tacticts against Emerick.

The congregation didn't buy Emerick a house, they bought a parsonage for the office of pastor.

Whomever the pastor of the church might be, whether it is Emerick today or someone else in a few years, he or she will have a place to live. It is a standard practice for many Protestant churches to provide housing for their clergy.

It is fundamentally important to understand the differences between an individual person and an office. Emerick is a person; the pastor is the office. The parsonage was bought for the office, not the person.

The inability of KIP and perhaps other members of the Preservationist group to recognize this is either a sign that they are confused or intentionally misleading.

How can people support the Preservationists if one of their spokespersons, KIP, is ignorant or worse - dishonest and unfair?

The Phantom said...

I watched the clip, twice.

I denounce the Fox Radio comparison of Obama to Hitler. But everything else --and there is a lot-- that they are shown saying appears correct.

There was and is real hysteria at Obama events--women fainting, that kind of stuff. I listen to a some black radio talk shows--they commented on it, in the same way Fox did!

Jeremiah Wright's racism and his association with uber-racist Louis Farrakan sounds legit to me.

The patriotism issue, which normally would be a non-issue, is a huge issue in his case, not because of the American flag lapel thing but:

a) his wife's statement that she was never proud of the US until her husband started winning primaries

b) his personal advisor/pastor being someone who said "God Damn America" and who mocked 9/11


c) his association with William Ayers, the unrepentant member of the "Weathermen" who said that he was sorry that the organization didn't do more [bombings]

This guy has some very, very bad associations. That's an issue. If the other press organizations don't properly cover these stories, then good for Fox for doing what the rest of the press is too lazy or biased to do.

The Phantom said...
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Mark said...

Phantom, we were talking about Obama today. Yeah, we all agree the Hitler comparison is smeary.

But we all agree (and we're all Democrats) that Jeremiah Wright, Obama's wife, and William Ayers are HUGE issues. HUGE. And it puts a lot of doubt in our minds.

Obama has a lot of explaining to do.

The Phantom said...

small d democrats, bro!

Listening to John Batchelor on the internet now?

Mark said...

If you expect me to concede the small d, then I'm going with a capital O.

The Phantom said...

thats cool!

I registered as a Democrat at 18 years of age.

But quickly changed. And remain to a change again, but the big D Democrat party of Hillary and Barack and Nancy is not for me.

I need to start a new party. But first I need to have the gyro place opened on 68th and Fourth. That is the main issue for me.

Listen to Batchelor at KFI Los Angeles. You have one hour left. It is the best there is bro.

Mark said...

A gyro place on 68th!? I gotta get below 75th.

The Phantom said...

Will write a lot about it when it opens. Will be on the NW corner. It would have opened in August but the tornado impacted them!! I get a good feeling about this place. Stand by.

The ultimate health food is a properly made gyro. Or is it a properly made fish n chips order? I can never remember

Mark said...

I always thought it was a properly made Monte Cristo.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "short term memory," was Spitzer thrown under the bus because of what was about to happen with Bear Sterns on Wall Street?

Mark said...

It's very possible and it's the latest buzz.

The Phantom said...

I fail to see any plausible connection between Spitzer's termination and the Bear Stearns matter.

Anonymous said...

there's not one statement on that vid clip that's not supported. just watch the footage of wright's speeches. sorry, you can't have a 20 yr. association with someone, call them your spiritual mentor, consult them on political matters, name your book after one of his sermons and then pretend you never heard a word. sorry.

Mark said...

I agree with you anon. I think it's a huge issue.

What I object to is the Hitler reference.