Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In a scathing response to a Los Angeles Times article about teacher effectiveness in the Los Angeles Unified School District, one non-union teacher makes several spelling and grammatical errors.

teacherm at 8:41 PM August 16, 2010
I am a nonunionized teacher who works at a charter school. This article is so shallow its ridiculous. Yes test scores are low district wide, yes its a problem, but to determine the "effectiveness" of a teacher based on one standardized test is completely preposterous! This test is only covers math and language arts. There are four other subjects elementary school teachers are still required to teach. In all the state mandated proffessional development I have participated in, I have been taught to assess the WHOLE child. I taught one second grader who was able to read at fourth grade reading level and consistently had high math test grades, yet he scored basic on the test. Should I retain him because of this? NO! How can teachers be assessed by just looking at test scores? The WHOLE teacher needs to be assessed. This article doesn't even come close to describing what an effective teacher is and how one should be evaluated.