Thursday, January 17, 2008


This whole Green Church mess has riled me. I've started this post about 20 times and it still sucks. But I'm going to just jump in on one thought:

Robert Tierney is on the take.

That's what I think. Getting money under the table. A little kickback. Some sweetener in his coffer. Getting some boodle. Getting grease gravy poured on his potatoes. Wearing a suit of Cow-Gal-Fringe Benefit. Dancing the compensation cha-cha.

I mean, how else do explain Robert Tierney, chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, stonewalling every attempt to discuss the Green Church? He's ignored 1200 letters, repeated requests from Councilman Gentile, Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer, a preservation committee, and many residents of Bay Ridge.

No response. Nothing. The Green Church will be torn down and the chair of the Landmark's Commission will have ignored it.

And why?

Because he's in cahoots with someone and in return getting a little pocket lettuce. All he has to do is say he'll put the Green Church on the calendar, that his commission will look into it. But so far "mum" is all he's said.

And in my world, "mum" = "cahootsville."


Anonymous said...

Seperation of Church and State

Anonymous said...

That church is so old, I just saw the exhume the bodies last week that were burried underneath for over 100 years. Someone is getting a kick back alright- if they named some fukin projects a landmark for being the first place rap was played a few months aago, but wont do the same for a church with a crypt underneath, the whole neighborhood will be shot to shit, its these damn arabs that are buying it like they buy everything