Tuesday, January 29, 2008


John Rossi, co-owner of Lowen's Pharmacy at 6902 3rd Ave. here in Bay Ridge, was found shot to death yesterday in an office above the pharmacy. As you may well know, Rossi was in the thick of a steroid investigation. Back in Sept. police seized about $8 million worth of steroids from the pharmacy.

Rossi was found dead of an apparent suicide (a note was found next to him that said "Please forgive me"). Rossi evidently shot himself in the chest, and then when that didn't work, shot himself in the head. And investigators said another slug was found in the room, but gave no details.
Despite the number of shots, the medical examiner's office deemed Rossi's death a suicide.
Three suicide shots? Peculiar.
"He wanted to make sure," explained a police source.
Oh, okay.

Rossi had also stuffed his ears with cotton. What!? He was going to kill himself but was afraid the noise might hurt his ears? Really peculiar.

Rossi was the subject of a criminal investigation and at the heart of an internal probe by the NYPD into steroid use among cops yet he was still allowed to keep a licensed gun? Super peculiar.

And for those of you who want a little Hollywood flair, the building where the pharmacy is located is owned by Rossi and Julius Nasso. Nasso used to be Steven Seagal's business partner and in 2002 --
FBI agents arrested Nasso on suspicion of conspiring to extort Seagal. The producer (Nasso) was charged alongside 16 people with alleged ties to the Gambino crime family.
Now there's a movie!

I wonder if the Preservationists and the Methodists used that pharmacy?

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Anonymous said...

John was a dear friend,a brother and a neighborhood father, he help everyone all over, he never saidno to anyone. I believe he didnt take his life but someone either took his life from him. Ask this question Why would a grandfather that day his daughter bave birth would commit sucide?Thay either killed him or the feds hid him.
Iwill miss him and he wont be forgotton.