Friday, April 18, 2008


Warren Spector, ex-co-President of Bear Stearns, told my wife last fall this was going to happen. And so it has come to be. Wall St. Braces For Thousands Of Pink Slips

Thank god Kristy Lee Cook has finally been voted off American Idol. But in an effort to cling to her 15 minutes, Kristy announced she just got engaged to Andrew Dobner. Kristy didn't mind getting the boot the other night.
"I’ve made it past top 10 which was my goal and I’m going home to go ride my horse now," she said.
"Horse" is her nickname for Dobner.

There's an article in the Dallas Morning News about Melisa Christian, my hot lass from Dallas. The article states that Melisa
"won't stop at anything until she reaches her goal."
And I'm the same way. I won't stop until she's my sugar cream pie or until she files a restraining order.

Melisa isn't expected to make the Olympic team but I'm praying for a miracle. So don't bother me on Sunday. My eyes will be glued to Melisa.

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