Monday, July 14, 2008


So the other day I was driving down 75th street from 3rd Ave to 4th Ave. Doing the speed limit, moving right along. I looked in my rearview mirror and I saw a car barreling down on me. He was doing, I'm going to guess, 60 mph. He tried to pass me but the the oncoming car posed a bit of a problem for him. He laid on the horn as we approached the green light at 4th and 79th. Through the light, he went flying by me, and was in front of me at the light at 79th and 5th. I looked over and expected to see a young guy but he turned out to be an older guy.

Here's where it gets fun --

He rolled down his window and started yelling at me, calling me "unpatriotic," a "f*cking traitor," and said I should be "shot and killed."

My first thought was "hey, this guy reads my blog."

But then he yelled something about Japan. I immediately thought he was talking about my daughter, who's from China. In the world of crazy old coots, Japanese and Chinese look the same.

Then it dawned on me -- I was driving a Toyota. He thought I should be shot and killed for driving a car from a Japanese company. Never mind that the car was most likely put together by American workers and that his "American" car was most likely loaded with Mexican parts. I was driving a car made by the "enemy" and he was driving American Made.

The one upside in my favor: if he ever tries to chase me, he'll have to stop three times for gas while I continue on one tank.


BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I wonder what he'd have said to my Hyundai? Great post; I'm glad only his blood pressure suffered from his idiotic behavior.

Rob K said...

Maybe his car should be deported...with him still in it.