Monday, December 1, 2008


Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse's husband, has admitted to getting Winehouse hooked on drugs. In an interview, Blake revealed how Amy
  • Asked him to let her try crack cocaine as she watched him taking it.
  • Cut her arms after she saw him self harm.
  • Collapsed with a seizure after an all-day drug binge.
Thanks Blake. Thanks for that.

So now Amy is finally doing the right thing and seeking a divorce from Blake. Hopefully this will be the start of her recovery. She's a fantastic singer and I'd hate to lose her to drugs.

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Anonymous said...

She's a huge talent, but has been circling the drain for several years and needs major help, not just quiet time or 10 minutes of rehab.
She also needs career rehab, since the long and ongoing drama has made her a lousy management/production/insurance, etc., risk.

Sad to say, but I wonder if A.W. even HAS prof'l management anymore ... because she does unfetteredly dumb things re: the media; her associates & parents & in-laws & whomever keep blatting ill-advised public commentary, pleas, and "revelations"; and seems like her father is her sole (and inept) public rep.