Thursday, June 25, 2009


Reports are coming in the Jeff Goldblum has also died today. Please please let this be a hoax.

UPDATE: Goldblum is alive. His career, however...

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Masked Avenger said...

Since Lefty deserted us, I will be more than happy to keep the conversation going here.

So.. in the last week we have:
1) the US Navy chickening out against the North Koreans (Go Obama!)
2) The Iranians protesting their elections and Obama saying he didn't want to meddle in other countries affairs
3) The Honduran president removed from office for violating their constitution and Obama meddling saying that he should be reinstated. I remind you that Obama and Hillary share the same position as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and other socialist/communist leaders
4) Stuart Smalley completing a majority for democrats in the senate, blocking any filibuster from the republicans.

Now.. the questions to you people
1) Will the US respond appropriately if the North Koreans fire a missle at Hawaii?
2) If, and this is a big if, Obama were to pull a stunt like the former Honduran president, would the citizens of the US react in the same manner, protecting our constitution or would we still be screaming about race equality and gay rights?
3) Are the democrats proud that their leaders are siding with communist/socialist leaders?
4) Do you think that having one party with a complete majority in the senate is a good thing (forget that its the democrats, because I know it could easily be the other way).