Friday, July 3, 2009


Sarah Palin will be stepping down as Governor of Alaska.

Smart political move? Good for Alaska?

Couldn't handle it when things got tough? Letting down everyone who voted for her?

Let the debate begin.

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Rob K said...

I'll start off by saying that I have absolutely no use for this woman. Still, her actions are curious. Why give up such a prominent position if you're considering a run for the White House?

There are other Republican governors who want to run for president and all they have to do is replay that rambling, paranoid diatribe she inflicted on the world when she announced her retirement.

She comes off as a cry baby and a quitter and her competitors in the GOP are likely to exploit that.

Clearly she is popular with a portion of the Republican base. And she quit a high profile job before only to come back and win the governor's race. So it might work out for her.

But I certainly hope not. America deserves much better.