Friday, October 23, 2009

WIN $100,000.00

Who wouldn't like a cool $100,000.00? I sure could use it. So I'm getting my butt down to the Amalgamated Bank at 426 86th Street, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues on Saturday for the "Break the Bank" contest.

And if $100,000.00 isn't enough to get you down there, John Starks will be there. He won't be signing autographs. He just has nothing to do. (okay, maybe he'll sign some autographs)

Here's the skinny:
Saturday, October 24 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Amalgamated Bank, Bay Ridge, 426 86th Street, between 4th & 5th Avenues
Other prizes include:
Four basketballs autographed by John Starks.
Ipod Touch
Two tickets to the New York Knicks versus Boston Celtics game
Two tickets to Broadway’s Bye Bye Birdie
A case of popchips offered by the event’s sponsor, all-natural popchips
Special gifts to anyone who opens a CD account at Amalgamated’s Bay Ridge branch.


The Phantom said...

John Starks?

Who would make a trip to see him?

Mark said...


Masked Avenger said...

Oh thats right, pinko commies hate all organized sports. "Why can't we have everyone win so no one has to lose? Then no ones feelings get hurt."

Rob K said...

Oh, that's right. Neocon dickheads don't know how to read. "Pinko! Commie! Traitor!"

Masked Avenger said...

Rob - simmer down with the vulgarities... this is a family site.

However, you know I am right on this one.

Mark said...

Joe, you've made some wild leaps in the past, all because you like to stir things up, but even I'm perplexed how you went from a drawing at a local bank to pinko commies hate organized sports.

Maybe a job would help you.

The Phantom said...


John Starks isn't even close to being a star. That's the point.

Masked Avenger said...


I am gainfully employed and have been for years. I would bet I am more successful, educated and respected than the leftie who runs this site.

And how do go from a local bank to pinkos hating organized sports? Because I see through the trees much clearer than everyone else. My mind hasn't been corrupted by years of drug abuse, by the New York Times, by Wolf Blitzer and CNN or the America hating people at MSLGBT.

It's because I can step back, take a look at everything that goes on in the world, analyze it and make conclusions.

Do I sometimes arrive at conclusions just to rile you people up? Yes, I do...That's just because it's so fun to see you guys get your panties in a bunch.

For the last time, please stop referring to me as Joe.

Mark said...

Joe, it's a little early to be smoking crack but it sure does give you a mighty dose of pretentiousness.

Rob K said...

Joe Masky: Simmer down with the McCarthy tactics, which are far worse than any vulgarities I could come up with. (And it's not your site, btw.)

You don't "see through" anything, you fabricate commie conspiracies in that fetid rat's maze you call a brain.

Stop watching FOX News and listening to Rush Limbaugh and save what few brain cells you have left.

You know I'm right on this one.